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  1. Great work as always, the highlight of my Friday surfing never disappoints.
    Keep it up and good luck.

    • Thanks, JFT!

  2. Glad to see comments still up, but are we supposed to be allowed to go back a week and see who else posted a comment? I can’t find a way to do that.

    • Yes, there is a way! The blogpost above has a little “< Previous" link at the top right. It should take you to last week's post. My next mission is fiddling with the CSS so that it's easier to browse past blogposts and their comments.

      • Okay, thanks, I had to change the contrast of my display for these older eyes to see it. We used to tell our Ooma (Bavarian spelling) she’d outlive us all. She did outlive a few.

  3. Poor Ariana! Lovely work as always.

    • Thanks, Amelia!

  4. Ah, Family Man is a treat I get to feast on at the end of a long week! Today is no exception. Poor Ariana – it’s never easy to find out that someone you loved has passed.

    • Even harder to find out they died awhile ago, no?

      • Yes, it is. I found out my paternal grandmother had died and the funeral had already been held, a month afterwards. I was thirteen. Seriously, divorce-related family politics stink. I recognized Ariana’s expression from having worn it myself. Poor girl.

  5. It kills me every time I get to the end of a new page because I know I’ll have to wait a whole week to read the next. First world mental torture!

    • Haha! Glad I’m keeping you on the edge of your seat…

  6. You captured her pain so well it’s amazing I mean I feel so sorry and I’m not even sure what her relationship was. Anyway great page & great comic.

    • Thanks, Caelo!

  7. I agree with the others. After a long and sometimes exasperating week, it is good to sit down with a cup of coffee or cocoa sweetened with bourbon and read Family Man. I was going to be disappointed they didn’t all get nekkid and dance around the fire. but considering Oma was there, probably best they didn’t (Ugh).

  8. Wasn’t able to comment last week, but…

    I love your story. As an academic (currently physics PhD student) who grew up in a religious household and later came to the reasoned conclusion that my religion didn’t quite stand up to scrutiny, I empathize with the protagonist more than a little. While I think I’ve come to terms with that, I really wish both sides understood each other better. I wish more stories like mine were being told, about people who follow their conscience away from their religious upbringings, but still care about their roots. Your story means a lot to me. Thanks for writing it.

    • Thank you, Asterai – I’m glad that part of the story makes some emotional sense. It’s something I deal with too (although to a lesser extent than you or Luther), so I’m very happy to know it’s been a welcome element in the story.

  9. Got my Volume 1 in the mail today, and also finally sorted out my binder of color-printed pages so the margins reliably alternate left/right to accommodate the three hole punch. Vol 1 with Carla Speed McNeil -style footnotes (although carefully avoiding _any_ explanation of the fantasy elements, damn)! Except there and on the cover the needed hints (for me, anyway) on which Ovid story our characters are trying not to reenact. Thank you for a magnificent comic, Wednesdays are no longer comic book day, and Fridays are now, well, I think now they’re something special for everyone.

    • Haha! Thanks. I promised myself “no spoilers in the footnotes” so you’ll just have to figure it out along with the characters.

      Nice catch on the Ovid bits on the cover! (Although at least one image there isn’t Ovid at all.)