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  1. So excited to be able to comment at last! Though I hope I can bring something more to the table than my usual reaction of “eeeeeeee, there is more comic now.” :)

    But seriously: this is an especially well-laid out page.

    • Thanks, Laura!

  2. Squeals of joy here, too – though just for the comments system, not so much for poor Edita. Looking forward to learning more about all of these wolfwomen.

  3. Finally got to comment after going through Firefox and white-listing everything about lutherlevy.com in Adblock. Had to do it line by line, though, as the blanket white-list for the entire site didn’t work.

    Congrats on the comments, but beware freaking ad-bots and others who will plague you with ads and spam of all sorts.

    So, when do the femmes all get naked and dance around the fire? (hubba hubba) ;-)

    • Yeah, it’ll be a bit of a trial and error when it comes to screening for bots. If it really starts being a pain I’ll try another system, outside of the built-in WordPress; but I think that stuff like Disqus would probably give your Adblock etc. an even harder time.

      As for dancing around the fire…well, you’ll see.

  4. So yeah, they don’t meet that often…

  5. Yay, comment section! Now I can finally say this: PLZ UPDAIT MOAR OFTEN. Is that even possible? Once a week is sooo slow (for me, I’m impatient).
    By the way, do you have something against Hungarian princes? :D Well, not that we have those anymore, just asking. (You made some kind of comment on carriages or something)
    Anyway, LOVE the comic, and your style is really awesome. I can’t wait to read more!

    • It’s too slow for me, too! Workin’ on it. ;)

  6. I just want to say that I love this comic so so much. I’m a history major in college and I love how rich and detailed this story is.

    As a side note, I was reading the book “One of Our Thursdays is Missing” and thought, “Hmm, these illustrations look familiar.” Then I looked at the copyright page and it was you! I had that weird sense of vertigo when the real world and the Internet intersect for a moment, but I thought it was pretty cool. Anyway, great work!

  7. Huh. I thought she’d gone “visiting her mother’s people” fairly recently.

  8. Hi! I’m another faithful reader and I am overjoyed to be able to leave comments too! Haha, every Friday there is wild speculation about what the new Family Man developments mean.
    For this page, I am puzzling at how they would have found out that it was cancer that took away Milena’s mother. Dissection, knowledge of the symptoms?… Anyway, such an awful way to go.
    Also, I wonder where is Ariana’s mother? Has she exited the room?

    • Probably knowledge of symptoms more than anything else!

      And you’ll see where Ariana’s mom wandered off to in a bit.

  9. Finally I can try to sound smart n’ stuff!

  10. Yay! Comments! I’m braindead from exams, wish I had something more fulfilling to comment :P

  11. Normal ads don’t bother me, but the moving, animated, Flash-based or bright flashing ads (and popups) do annoy the heck out of me. Plain ads are fine and although I almost never click on them unless the owner requests it for revenue, I don’t mind them.

    • I’ve intentionally kept ads off of the site; I don’t think I’d earn much revenue off it, and it would really mess with the reading experience for a comic that depends a lot on a sense of place. Somehow “18th century German backwoods” really loses something when paired with “10 ways to lose belly fat!!!”

      • I agree, and I thank you.

  12. Yay! A direct and easy way to tell you how much I love your work! I’ve been following since Bite Me! and have tried directing friends from all over to your work. Brilliant, thoughtful, fun! Thanks & keep it up!

  13. Oh, it is so lovely to be able to comment! I used to comment at the LJ but I don’t have an account there, and with livejournal’s updates it is harder to post there.

    Right now I am very confused but confident that it will all make sense in the end. Who are these Wise Folk, anyway? Somehow I don’t think she’s talking about fairies or elves.

    If Ariana does this retreat every month, why doesn’t she know Edita’s shifted off the mortal coil already? Or does she? If she hasn’t been able to meet up as usual with these ladies in the winter, where does she go when the moon shines full on the sparkling snow?

  14. More of the same–thank you for the comment threads, and I love your work. Also, I want the library. I think that’s my favorite page of this entire story so far.