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  1. Leverage was a fantastic show. I especially loved the episodes with Wil Wheaton.

    • Yeah, it was fun to see how many Trek castmembers either guested or directed on that show! They seem to chain-share gigs. <3

      • It really was. Massive nerd that I am, I always squee a little when I see that Johnathan Frakes has directed an episode of a show I’m watching. He seems to do a lot of work on TNT shows. He even directed one or two of the made for TV The Librarian movies. If you haven’t been them, they are hokey, corny fun.

  2. Ahhh, so relieved, though apprehensive about what she might have meant by “if only for a little while.”

    What happened to the hat he was holding in panel 4, did he throw it somewhere?

    • Heaven forfend anybody make longterm plans, right? ;)

      Yup, it’s on the floor just behind her! I originally drew it in on the viewer’s side, but it just kinda cluttered up the panel.

  3. Before my eyes could get to the bottom line in the first word balloon, my brain had already completed the sentence as “I could love you if you were a fox.” Had to remind myself which comic I was in.

  4. “It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged.” -G. K. Chesterton.

  5. A very distracting activity is phonebanking. There’s no discussion of policy, just meeting people, you could choose a different candidate every day and just ask the person on your screen if they know where their polling place is and how strongly they feel the bern. Or candidate of your choice!

    Veering entirely away from boring present-day effort is delightful steampunk frivolity in a Victorian London abducted in one entire startled piece to a vast underground ocean, through the coordinated effort of mischevious bats. “Sunless Sea” lets you trek meditatively around this ocean avoiding monsters and pirates and boiler explosions and forgetting-to-bring-the-fuel, playing a succession of piquant sea captains each vowing to carry the others work so tragically curtailed, but with pleasant and intricate text-based interactions at various shifting islands, with talking guinea pigs and needy undead tourists and spiders who would like to ahem buy the undead tourists and the Tiger King selling firkins of prisoner’s honey made by dream-eating bees and an ever-lit city where ghost snakes want you to break all the mirrors in Liberty’s name and several urbane, brass-themed outposts of Hell. Or if you eschew video-game elements there’s “Fallen London,” an entirely browser-based game set in that sunken city after you have escaped from your stalactite prison cell by leaping onto a passing dirigible. It’s at go.berniesanders.com/page/content/phonebank or else at Failbetter Games, but always involvement converts despair into hope, blessedly reversing figure and ground.

  6. No, honestly it’s at http://www.failbettergames.com. I’m off home to play Sunless Sea now, because I’m a lazy hypocrite?