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  1. :)

  2. As a middle-aged lady who occasionally imagines having a face-off with a wolf, I am murderously thrilled by this comic.

  3. Nice page! Probably, if you’d told him it would be more than 300 pages, he wouldn’t have given you permission. It’s better this way.

  4. !!! Omgosh! Might we (the royal We) inquire as to how or why you asked Mr McCloud if it’d be ‘okay’ (ie. righteously awesome) to do Family Man? :D (story time plz??? :DDD)

    • I’ve known Scott since I was a teen, actually! The blurb on the print edition of my first book, Bite Me, comes from him.

      I think I chatted with him on the phone about it in the home of Jenn Manley Lee, (who’s known him for much longer than I have), before he came to Portland for a visit.

      Not much of a story, but it’s funny that I thought I had to ask him permission before taking on my first book as a “grownup.” ;)

  5. Was nice of him to let you! ;)

    And CONGRATULATIONS! That’s a huge milestone. Here’s to three hundred more.