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  1. Unfortunately, the reality-show “American Gypsies” did little for their reputation. In it, they acted like junior-league Mafioso, trying to corner the fortune-telling market by violence and intimidation.

    Have met real Roma in old Jugoslavia. Once they get to know you, they are friendly and hospitable. Plus they have some magnificent women. Make the Gabor sisters at their best look like Joan Rivers on a bad hair day, pre-plastic surgery.

    Once you have been accepted, they are fiercely loyal and expect the same in return. I stepped in to stop some local toughs picking on a couple of Roma kids (didn’t know they were Roma at the time) outside of Belgrade. I got skinned up some for my trouble, but was immediately adopted by the family as a result. We still correspond to this day, almost 30 years later. Great food, too. Those women can COOK. If you have to feed a gang and keep them happy, I guess the learning curve is pretty steep, but they pass with flying colors. And they really know how to PAR-TAY.