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  1. Hmmm…The problem is…I already have Bite me!, and while I seriously love your work, and would happily pour cash into a Kickstarter version of volume 2 of Family Man (of which I also bought the first volume), I’m not very much inclined to pledge for what you’re publishing with it now. Sorry : )
    Since you’re already on 60%, I don’t think that’ll hurt this project, but just to let you know if you’re every going to need pledges for Family Man volume 2, I’ll be right there to pledge, so don’t let that hang on the results of this project. Sorry for the moronic English, by the way, my brains are still waking up.

    • Thanks, Kit! Good to know.

      For what it’s worth, part of why I’m republishing Bite Me! is that the older editions were digital short run on cheaper paper stock. It works for readin’, but it’s below average production quality for a traditionally published book. So if your copy of Bite Me starts to look a little shaggy, or you meet somebody who would enjoy the book and you’re thinking of passing on a new copy, the new edition would be the way to go.

      And, in case folks missed it – there are a bunch of different tiers where you don’t receive (or pay for) a copy of Bite Me. I think the $14 tier where you just get a copy of “Outfoxed” is actually the 2nd most popular option.

      And, regardless, I will almost definitely need some pre-orders/pledges for the next volume of Family Man! So I will see you there. :D

  2. First of all, I’d love to pledge some money and will do so next paycheck :)
    My problem is this….I will be moving at the end of September and until November will be in something of a geographical limbo. Is there a way I can pledge, but not have anything sent to me until November?

    • Sure! When the campaign finishes out you can enter a note that you’d like to delay shipment. There are always a few folks who are moving house around delivery date.

  3. 13th aniversary of bite me already? Wow. Time flies!
    I still have the old version with the spoon kept in my kitchen. :)
    Best of luck.

    • Ah, the spoon! The mark of a true fan. ;)

  4. I am so very excited for the reprints! I already own a book of Bite Me! (deluxe edition with the spoon. I am not ashamed to say how much I love that spoon.) and I’m very excited to see how the Outfoxed book will look!