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  1. Thank you for coming! I would have loved to talk with you longer if my brain had provided me with more intelligent things to say.

    • Aw, I promise that not a SINGLE person was unintelligent at me! Plus given how raggedy I was from lack of sleep, I’m pretty sure that I was hovering around 20 IQ points lower than usual. Oy.

  2. Oh dear. If the neck-tie is what I suspect it is, that cannot be good news for Luther OR Jakob. Or Ariana, really, though maybe that’s more complicated? You build suspense well, Dylan!

    • Haha! The fun part is that I know everything, but I have NO idea what readers think is going on. Mutually Assured Suspense.

  3. I’d never noticed that there were comments before! I’m so lost on the neck-strap thing I don’t even know what clues we’ve gotten. But then I am a terrible comic reader.

  4. “And, for the concerned, I do promise: no loose threads when the story is over. Everything has a point!”

    Oh thank God. LOST so burned me out on mystery and suspense. Also a lot of webcomics just throwing out strange stuff just to keep readers coming back. LOOSE ENDS REND MINDS PEOPLE. Your plot thread should not look like cut-off jeans!

    • Some people can write good “random stuff from out of nowhere!” trippy stories, but that is not me! It bugs the heck out of me. Probably why I can’t get into a lot of magic realism.

      • Is that how they do it? I look at comics that go on for decades or book series that lay down all sorts of clues at the beginning and it only resolves after a mind-numbing number of twists and turns and am continuously amazed by the author’s foresight in planning all that out ahead of time. It hadn’t occurred to me that they might be winging it. Makes me feel quite a bit better about only being able to see a story unfold one book at a time, if that.

        Also, no clue what the neck strap means, but you’ve got a way with holding a reader’s curiosity that’s pure gold.

        • I remember one writer talking about putting a number of plot-hooks in so that later she can use the ones that work for where the story is in the future. Since she’s a dab hand at it, the hooks are rarely obvious, and it makes her story come across as much more planned than it really is!