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  1. Clicking the link takes you to bitemecomic.com which isn’t working. The actual revamped website looks nice, though.

    • Thanks Kismet! Fixing it now.

  2. yes, the links only get an “Error connecting to database” message.

    • aaaaargh. Fixed!

  3. Love the comic, been following it for years! :)

    Also, I have a bit of an odd question: is today’s comic supposed to say “that we’re come” or “that we’ve come”?

    I’m assuming the latter, but the letter looks a lot like a “r” to me. Thought I’d inquire! :)

    • We’re! Although “we’ve” works just as well.

      Ariana’s mom employs the occasional odd sentence construction, for story reasons we’ll get to eventually…

      • Ooh, story reasons! I look forward to finding out what they are. :D