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  1. This scene is fascinating. But you know that. And I do love the little animation. It captures your giddiness very well, I suspect.

    • Oh yeah, that’s pretty much me after a cup of coffee on any given day.

  2. Also, I have decided Kamilla is trouble.

    • Hmmm, Instant distrust from a familiar character, full panel focused on claw-like, blood-soaked hands, trickster’s grin in the 5th panel … you may be on to something.

      • Sure, but I am relying more on subtle things, actually. Dylan would certainly use those obvious cues to deceive us into distrusting her when maybe we shouldn’t. She’s tricky that way, and much of this story is about what is going on below the surface.

        • I am very flattered by all the credit I am being given here! ;)

  3. A most interesting development! I’m very surprised by what Kamilla coming into the Family implies: are the women not necessarily all blood-related? That’s what I was thinking so far, especially after Ariana’s mother went all “You are FAMILY >:C” on her. Mmmm, more mystery. I love how each page of this chapter answers a question only to raise even more! (Also, congratulations on your arm doing better! Also also, that poor tulip!)

  4. I feel no shame in confessing this woman creeps me the heck out. 0.0

  5. I’m so glad your arm is doing better. It is always a joy to see someone well enough to continue to create, and this is such a worthwhile endeavor.

  6. When are you going to update the cast page? All of these new characters showing up at once with only weekly updates makes it hard to keep track.

    • A fine question! I’ve been hesitating because I don’t want new readers to necessarily known in advance about this part of the story. I’m thinking I might update it with a “click here to see the cast members who are spoilers” section.