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  1. Get better soon and not just because you can draw us new comics.

    • you can then*

  2. Get well, but I love the picture you left us with for the week. Ariana reminds me of a woman I once knew in France.

  3. Is Arianna supposed to have a reddish or plum tint to her hair or is it my computer display settings?

    • Yup, it’s a bit tinted! But mostly for artistic effect. (She’s a normal ole brunette.)

  4. Wow! Beautiful. :)
    “Don’t shoot till you see the whites of their eyes!”
    Kinda gives her an advantage…

    PS to War Pig: I think that rich brown is known as auburn.

  5. I believe so, too, but I dunno if it is my display making it plum color or if she intended Ariana to be auburn. She is usually displayed with raven hair in the colors of the regular strip and I want to be sure. If she is auburn, she really, REALLY reminds me of a woman I knew in France. She had auburn hair and eyes the color of honey. We were a bit of an item but things didn’t work out as duty called me to war and her to stay and perform her duty to family. We both wound up marrying someone else but have kept in touch. She was strikingly good-looking, with those honey eyes and auburn hair and cheekbones which had to be insured by Loyd’s of London. Willowy yet womanly. We met the fist time in Nice.

    Ah, memories!